School Rules

Every student should endeavour to keep up the high standard and good name of the school.
  1. All students must wear the prescribed school or house uniform as per instructions. No deviation from the set pattern is permitted
  2. Great emphasis should be laid on personal hygiene and cleanliness. Girls and Boys are not permitted to have fancy haircuts. Hair should not cover the student’s forehead. Girls should wear a white hair band. Girls with long hair should have two plaits tied with white ribbons. Boys should adopt ‘Army Cut’. Nails must be cut regularly. A fine of Rs. 10/ will be imposed if any of these instructions are not observed. Sikh boys must wear patka / turban
    of the prescribed color in class IX and above.
  3. Students who come to school by private conveyance should arrive at school 5 minutes before the bell rings. NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO COME TO SCHOOL IN SELF-DRIVEN SCOOTER, MOTORCYCLE OR CAR without Driving License and helmet.
  4. Changing classrooms between periods should be in silence and in an orderly manner
  5. Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school. Hence, misbehavior in school and outside is a just case of dismissal
  6. Any kind of damage caused to the school property must be replaced by the student.
  7. Students found tampering with the school records e.g. marks allotted by teachers intests/exams are liable to strict disciplinary action.
  8. Children suffering from any infectious disease shall not be allowed to attend the school.A doctor’s fitness certificate permitting the students to attend the school thereafter is essential.
  9. Parents/guardians are not allowed to meet their children or teaching staff during school hours or examinations.
  10. Wearing a digital watch or any form of jewellery or accessories is strictly prohibited. Carrying a mobile phone to school is NOT ALLOWED. If found, the student will be fined. The mobile will be handed over to the parent only thereafter
  11. If a student comes late thrice in a month he/she will not be allowed to attend the school. The school gate will be closed before the bell rings for the assembly.
  12. Wearing of School ID every day is compulsory. If lost, it should be immediately reported to the class teacher for the new one.
  13. Students are advised to keep their class rooms/school building/campus as neat as possible and throw left overs into the dustbins only.
  14. Lending or borrowing of money and other articles is not permitted.
  15. Bursting of crackers and playing with colours and any other such unwanted activity is liable to lead to EXPULSION of a student from the school.
  16. The school will take all possible care for physical fitness of the students.However, the school does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for accidents, mishaps or any other unforeseen incident. The school will remain indemnified against any claim on this ground.
  17. Any sort of discrepancy, false statement or misrepresentation of facts by parents at the time of admission, when discovered would result in dismissal of the student from the school.