Art Gallery

Art and Craft plays a very important role in the physical and mental development of the children .These skills not only enhance the creativity of the children but also provide a wonderful platform to express themselves. In order to help the students to give vent to their emotions through this colourful medium, an Art Gallery has been established. Art Gallery presently adorns various paintings and pictures bearing various movements and moods of the budding artists of the school. The powerful eulogy of strength, grace and rhythm creates a magnetic aura at this spacious place as various posters of famous musicians and prize winning art work of the students form its part. One gets a peep into the culture and heritage of India through the various paintings of famous artists and pictures of ancient India. Students warn against the various social taboos through different award winning posters in a corner of the gallery. This Gallery is indeed helpful in creating a new dimension among the students that builds a link between life and art.