1. Academics

(a)  7 students out of 27 secured a B+ grade in All India Talent

Scholarship Award and appeared in the oral test that was

conducted in April.

(b)  Rose of class I studded one more diamond in the crown of

Mukandians Glory through her glittering participation in

Dancing Star Reality Show held at Haridwar. and was

selected as Grand Finale finalist.

2. Workshop sessions for students

(i) Carrier Counseling session for students of class XI and XII by

(ii) Carrier Counseling sessions were organized by Bulls Eye for

(iii) Carrier Counseling sessions for classes IX to XII for Skill

(iv) Oratory Skills development program was organized for the 2

Carrier launcher in the month of April

classes X, XI and XII in the month of May.

Development was organized by LEAP Skills in the month of


Groups of 30 students each from classes IX to XII to groom

their Oratory Skills in May