At Mukand Lal Public School, Yamuna Nagar, the objective is to build life long learners, who observe

their surroundings, investigate through exploration, question what they observe, reason and finally

conclude rationally.

These faculties are built through story telling, visual impact, the creative use of CDs, flash cards,

Video films, IT and field visits. Project based work and group discussions make classrooms the hub of

activities. A hands on approach to maths, science and social studies is coupled with emphasis on

languages as an effective means of communication. Due stress is laid on cultivation of all the three

dimensions of the mind, body and spirit.


Mukand Lal Public School, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary

Education (CBSE).


  • The day in school begins with a prayer followed by a thought for the day
  • news headlines
  • interesting facts
  • recitation of poems
  • The National Anthem

are integral part of the morning assembly.